Fortitude Creates Champions



City, State & National Bodybuilding Champion

Featured On ESPN American Muscle Magazine

• JR USA Championships
• California State Championships
• Tournament Of Champions
• San Francisco Championships
• Interview & Training Segments

Featured In Numerous Issues Of
Local, National & International
Prestigious Publications

• Muscle Mag International
• Flex Magazine
• Muscle Training Illustrated
• Muscular Development
• UK Body Power Magazine
• San Jose News Extra Front Page
• Staten Island Advance News
• Brooklyn Weekly News

Fitness Consultant

• Design Individual Weight Training Programs:
Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Levels
• Past Clients Include: Attorneys, Doctors,
Corporate Professionals
• Design Power Training Programs for Athletes:
Baseball Players, Football Players, Wrestlers, Bodybuilders, Power Lifters
• Create and Presentation / Seminar
Pertaining to Overall Fitness
Weight Training
Anaerobic and Aerobic Style Training

Guest Speaker / Guest Poser / Model

• Speaker at Independent Health Food Stores
• Guest Poser at Local & State Bodybuilding Championships
• Biceps Model for Semiconductor Company
New Product Line
• Exercise Equipment Model for National
Sporting Goods Company Product Line
• Head Judge Of The Annual
Natural Mr. & Ms. California State Bodybuilding Championships
Folsom Extravaganza

Joe Carrero
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