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Newsletter No. 6

“Fortitude Creates Champions”: the title of champion bodybuilder Joe Carrero 's new DVD could not be more apt, as, like the man himself, it encapsulates perfectly the meaning of success, the very underpinning essence that propels some people to the top while others flounder in a sea of confusion and uncertainty. To be one's best in any arena demands total sacrifice for that one moment in time, as you struggle to reach a particular goal. There is no holding back and only unbreakable fortitude and an unwavering will-to-win will ensure you smash through previously unsurpassed boundaries to reach your target. Joe has demonstrated this kind of fortitude throughout his distinguished bodybuilding career as a champion with a timeless physique that was as ripped to shreds and perfectly proportioned as could be found anywhere. From his days as a promising teenage competitor on Staten Island , New York , to his time in the sun as one of amateur bodybuilding's biggest stars and winner of the 1992 NPC JR USA title, Joe has personified success. Not the largest competitor, Joe worked doubly hard to build and refine his sensational physique. It was not genetics (granted they did play a role), but desire that separated him from the masses.

His DVD highlights his road to the top: from the Tournament of Champions through to his JR USA win, re-live Joe's competitive moments as he shows what it takes to be the best. Listen to Joe discuss how he made such progress and enjoy one of the most mind-blowing bodybuilding photomontages ever set to music. To summarize this DVD one word suffices: inspirational. Nothing quite motivates a bodybuilder like video and pictorial evidence of one who has attained physical greatness. Fortitude Creates Champions will give you all the motivation you need to attack the weights with burning intensity to, perhaps, some day, create a physique like Joe's. I highly recommend it!

- David Robson
Professional Freelance Writer / Award Winning Writer

Remarkable! Your symmetry, condition, dense muscularity, poise, presence, skin colour, you name it . . . I'm VERY impressed!

- Joel Brandwein
Web Site Designer / Photographer

All I can say is WOW! You were the best! Tremendous shape! Let me tell you that I don't impress easily… but when I viewed your Video, I WAS IMPRESSED!

- Ed Corney
Two Time IFBB Masters Mr. Olympia / IFBB Hall Of Famer

I give it "two biceps up"! Joe is a knowledgeable champion with a history in the sport of Bodybuilding, and you can see how Joe's physique improves with each competition and how psyched up he is to be on stage! With his Fortitude Creates Champions attitude, Joe Carrero is a shining example of one who marches forward, refusing to succumb to any misfortune, as he knows deep within himself, that he is a CHAMPION!

- Mario Strong
Natural Bodybuilder For Life / Staten Island Bodybuilding Legend

I've always believed that less is more and that elegance is the offspring of simplicity and straightforwardness. And that rings very true for this DVD. Fortitude Creates Champions evokes the inspirational competitive history of one of the top Bodybuilding competitors of the mid 80s to early 90s, Joe Carrero . Just a strong example of what self motivation, dedication and confidence can achieve.

To start is a montage of photos of Joe at his competitive best with a musical backdrop that fits the theme of this film very well. Then there are clips courtesy of ESPN of Joe on stage, and off, at four different competitions, ending with his Victory at the 1992 JR USA . The common denominator in these shows is how Joe presents himself as a great role model for the sport. He competes in top condition, shows symmetry and balance, and pays attention to detail in his posing presentation; just a consummate athlete illustrating what the sport can and should be. Closing is a summary of Joe's Bodybuilding Achievements and Awards in the sport.

For anyone looking for inspiration and for a look back at one of the top athletes of his day, this DVD is highly recommended! I saw Joe compete in some of his earlier shows and this brought back some wonderful memories. I feel better for having seen it!

- Gerry Triano
Bodybuilding Reviews Senior Writer


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