Newsletter No. 1  

Fortitude Creates Champions. What exactly does this mean? Fortitude is a virtue that makes reference to an individual that has the courage to endure misfortune occasionally, pain occasionally, patiently and methodically, yet refuses to succumb under any circumstance or situation. This is a form of strength that one either possesses, or does not. To become a Champion, this particular quality must be an integral part of the formula for success. There are many different types of Champions in this world. I am going to focus on the athlete, in this case the Bodybuilder. To become the Bodybuilding Champion one must, without hesitation or uncertainty, be prepared to train until you feel like you do not have another ounce of energy remaining in your body and then do more sets of barbell curls for biceps just because you know, instinctively, intuitively, that your competition cannot bear the pain! Masochistic? Some might think so. But anyone who knows what it is like to excel over all others to become the absolute best, number one in their sport, will adamantly disagree! To stand on a stage among all of your peers and hear the announcer call out your name with an excitement that is bordering on elated delirium, while the crowd in the audience roars with approval; this is a flash moment in your life that you will play over and over again in your mind because it is a natural, indescribable euphoria! I am a Bodybuilding Champion! I know wholeheartedly what it feels like to win!

Welcome to my web site! is a web site designed first and foremost to be informative and educational, while being humorous at times while telling stories about my Bodybuilding career that spanned fourteen years. I will inform you, male and female, young and older, of my favorite exercises for each muscle group, why I perform them, what they do, which sequence to arrange them in, and most of all, how you will benefit from them. I will inform you of the Joe Carrero Training Principles and explain in great detail how you to can utilize them and become successful at being healthy and fit. Creating this web site is an endeavor that I have been contemplating for some time, and now it is my turn to contribute to the many people like yourself who wish to exercise, wish to gain muscle, wish to lose 10 pounds, wish to tone up, but just do not know how or where to begin. Everyone has a variety of fitness goals that they desire accomplishing, and I am here to assist you to the best of my knowledge.
I will also tell stories such as my very humble beginning at the age of 13 when my loving parents,
Joe Sr. and Peggy, purchased my first 110 pound weight set for me so that I could train. You will read about the very first gym that I was a member of, The Mario Strong Gym in Staten Island, New York. The Staten Island legend, Mario Strong, trained me for my first Bodybuilding competition at the age of 15 in which I finished Runner-Up; The Staten Island Bodybuilding Championships. From here I also trained at another legendary gym, The Iron Den Gym, owned and operated by one of Staten Islands greatest and well known Power Lifters, Charles Williams. Also training at these two prestigious and well known clubs was the only other Staten Island Bodybuilder that took the sport to the next level like me, one of the pioneers of Bodybuilding, the always ripped and in shape, the great Leon Brown.

Bodybuilding, working out, weight training, exercising, fitness training or however you wish to describe what I do, has been and always will be a major part of who I am. So take accurate notes, be disciplined,
be determined, because Joe Carrero is about to assist you achieve your fitness goals on every level, on the way to becoming a True Champion!

Dedicated To
Larry Nathan Carrero
My Youngest Brother, My Hero

Joe Carrero
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